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spirituality {AADHYAATMIKATA}

SPIRITUALITY is found in deep roots of our indian culture and has made many individuals very clear about their destiny. it is a very important way to interact with SOUL{AATMA} and NATURE. here in SAI UPASAK SPIRITUAL CENTRE we help you in identifying your real goals and motive which helps in liberation of individuality.

  1. Meditate.
  2. Meditation is when we listen. You can read all the spiritual books out there, but until you actually take the initiative to quiet your mind, it can be near impossible to hear your intuition and connect to your heart center.

  3. Pray.
  4. Prayer is when we ask for help. This is a beautiful and powerful way to call on your own inner wisdom. Meditation is when we listen, and prayer is when we ask for help or affirm. Both go hand in hand.

  5. Take care of your body.
  6. Our bodies serve as the container for our mind and spirit in this life. In order for your mind and spirit to be functioning at optimum levels, it’s imperative that you keep your body functioning at peak levels.

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