Numbers do play a big role in our lives. Numbers are everywhere and you can’t live without numbers. When you get up at 6 o clock, the number 6 comes in, and then till you retire to bed, you come across numbers several times in your daily life. SAI UPASAK ASTROLOGER PROVIDES THE BEST NUMEROLOGY SOLUTIONS IN BANGALORE and we don’t charge for tips and suggestions , so feel free to reach us out on 7349773989!

Numerology numbers can influence your life. Your date of birth can tell something about your characters and your future. Numerology can help you to find your lucky numbers, lucky colors, lucky metals, and lucky names.

Use of astrology and Numerology

You can use Astrology to know about your future because it is more accurate. You can use Astrology to know about the remedies that should be used to overcome the bad effects of planets in your life. On the other hand, you can use Numerology to choose the right name for your baby(names have some impact on human life), to find your lucky numbers, lucky colors, and lucky metal.

FAQ ! (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes it can reveal the numbers that are influencing your life. By understanding the impact of those numbers, We can draw conclusions about the nature of events happening to you and within you at any given time.

Astrology is the study of the deeper connection formed between humans and the celestial bodies, namely, the planets and the stars, and how the movements and positioning of these celestial bodies can impact our day to day life. On the other hand, Numerology emphasizes how numbers and alphabets can play an important role in knowing oneself, the traits and the personality, which in turn may help them to deal with the issues in a much better way

In Numerology, Destiny Number is the sum total of one’s date of birth and therefore unique for every person. It makes the individual aware of his personal interest, his unique capabilities, attitudes and talents

1 and 9 are meant to be special numbers for businesses according to numerology.

The number 100 carries with it words of wisdom that are practical in all situations.

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