Love is the precious gift of life gifted by god to everyone, some get it fast and some get it late. And everyone wants love in their life. Getting love in life is not easy but if you get love in your life, you have to face many problems. Problems can be anything like can’t express your feeling, can’t maintain strong bond, can’t maintain the relation etc. 

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How Sai Upasak does it? What does Love Remedy mean to us?

We say PREM MILAN is important to unify AATMA{soul} that’s when an actual relationship is successful thus our ritual occurs in such a way that an relationship lasts till SAMMELAN{unification} occurs.

Is Love Remedy safe?

It is very much safe and makes sure no one is affected all the scientific remedies and calculations are done such that science works in favor of US.

Why does love not work sometimes

The malefic effect in the fifth house will give a situation of love triangle in your life. You may fall in love with someone who belongs to the different community from yours, and this would happen because the placement of Rahu would be in the fifth house of your horoscope. Why does love not work sometimes? 

Are experiencing relationship issues, conflict or stress? 

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FAQ ! (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Lord of th 5 th house has relation with Venus or lord of 7 th.

2. Venus has some relation with lord of 7 th

3. the Lord of Lagna has some relation with Lord of 5 th & 7th

4. The Lord of the 7 th & 9 th are posited in 7 th house

In order to determine that we will need your birth details

Second marriage normally takes place in the duration of 3rd house and 9th house lord and their connected planets. 

Astrology can predict love marriage, and has no direct role.

If  no planet is in the 7th house has the possibility to deny marriage. 

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