There is too much astrological yoga available in horoscope but some yoga is very necessary for success in business.

Rajyoga The conjunction between the lords of the Trine house or Kendra forms Raj Yoga in the individual horoscope. This yoga gives auspicious results to the person. Raj Yoga makes the fortune of the individual. 

Can Astrology predict the reason for my failed Business and can it give me the remedy?

Wealth yoga There is a relationship between the Lagan lord on the one hand and the 2nd, or 5th, or 9th or 11th lord on the other hand. The person will be wealthy. If the lord of the Kendra or Trine creates a relationship with the 2nd house (Wealth house) or the 11th house (income house) then possibilities will be high to earn money. A strong fortune and wealth yoga are the key assets of all businessman. Dhan Yoga increases your income so it is necessary for all businessman. 

Panch Mahapurusha Panch Mahapurusha yoga is formed when any one of the five planets ( Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Saturn) are at the time of birth situated in their own sign or in their exaltation sign in a Kendra (cardinal house) from the Lagna (Ascendant) or from the Moon Ascendant. This yoga ensures a successful business and prosperous life. 

Gajakesari yoga Jupiter in a Kendra from Moon. The person is illustrious, overpowering, virtuous, wealthy, intelligent, and scholarly, of royal bearing and enjoys lasting fame \

Karma jiva yoga The 10th house from Lagan contains very strong Mercury devoid of a malefic aspect. The person’s fame is going to extend in various directions.

FAQ ! (Frequently Asked Questions)

Sure, if Astrology studies business and manages to demonstrate an aptitude and good instinct for it. But I’d wait until Astrology learns basic math and language skills before attempting to assess his/her potential abilities

Appoint people who are born under the star sign of capricorn or scorpio because they are very good at doing sales and handling money.also observe the year.if it is the year of the snake,rooster or ox there is a good flow of money.

We need your birth details to determine about your business and success

For business, 4th, 10th, 11th houses, mercury, moon connection to these houses should be checked

Laxmi Yoga in Vedic astrology: This is a very meaningful yoga. This yoga arises between 2nd, 11th and 9th houses. When 2nd or 11th house lord is existing in either of these houses and gets 9th house lord’s vision then Dhan yoga shapes

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