Sai Upasak Ji Born In Uttar-Karnataka To A Poor Family Where They Had To Survive By Working On Farm Everyday For Bread And Supported His Dad With Temple Chores In Hanuman Temple Which Is Near Kudala Sangam At Preasent. He Used To Spend His Time By Doing Maths And Reading Stutis Everyday Which Made Him Expert In Numbers And Strotras.As He Grew He Moved Throughout Various Parts Of Karnataka With Groups Who Used To Sing Devotional Songs And Chant Lords Name.

As Time Passes He Grew His Spiritual level and love towards lord aiyappan which led him to kerala which made him stay in shabarimalai for almost 15 years. He offered prayers and performed various rituals and regular chores were done thus he gained strong knowledge and support for growth on rituals, diversity and traditions followed by various followers who were devotees of the lord. After gaining handful amount of experience he was already transformed into guru after wearing mala for 15 years. Sai Upasak ji was aspired to visit kumbhmela & haridwar as it gained major importance for cultural & spiritual Centre throughout the world.he used to visit those places during every kumbhamela and once got so lucky that he got to perform the most important ganga pooja with experienced purohits in varanasi ghats.this changed his perspective towards spirituality and god made life.

As years passed he practised and mastered various mantra-shastras in various important holy temples in India. Sai Upasak astrologer gained respect and was appointed as committee member for cultural activities. He is also a recepient of several prestigious awards. Sai Upasak ji has always worked for welfare of people through spiritual upliftment and vedic chants. He has provided limelight to various veteran actors and politicans through proper guidance .

Sai Upasak astrologer in Bangalore has provided satisfactory results and has 60k successful stories and counting more till date.
Sai Upasak ji is very humble, loving and always looks after his clients. He always refers them as his family.

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